Fornarina feat Sue Clowes collection 2014/2015

The Sue Clowes design studio are currently working on various exciting artistic collaborations. There are moments when fashion, textile, and accessory industries team up. When this happens experimentation and creativity unlock interesting results which affect trends and the social temperature in the design field. A recent example is a collection of five designs for the Italian Company Fornarina for their FUNLIGHT sneaker range Feat Sue Clowes.

Store locator and shop online on from 7th of March 2014

To watch the video of the interview with Sue Clowes about the collaboration and the collection click HERE


Alphabet Club hosts a Sue Clowes evening during

February 2014 Milan Fashion Week

Sue Clowes was invited by Milan’s hottest club “Rocket” to participate in a fashion night called “Alphabet” revisiting her early eighties vintage collection together with her Night Sky Junkie 2014 collection. Alphabet is a high energy night haunt with a strong personality and style just like the Clowes label. The garments looked fantastic on the drop dead gorgeous night owls of Milan. Situated in a mysterious factory alongside the fashionable Alzaia Naviglio Grande, the evening was a riot with roller Skaters dressed in the vintage Foundry outfits as worn by Culture Club and Bananarama most of them now in the Victoria and Albert museum archives. The bar staff served cocktails wearing prints from the Clowes Culture collection and Djette Barbarella and Enza Van De Kamp were “Le Regine della console” both dressed in the Night Sky Junkie prints decorated with diamante crosses.

The club not only has style but carries with it strong reminiscences of London’s historic Electric ballroom, a live music venue where many bands such as The Clash played in the 1980’s and the Roxy Roller skating rink New York. The fabulous Alphabet party, hosted by Luca Crescenzi together with Michele Modica, Gianni De Nisi and Simona Perrini, promises out-of-towners visiting this magnificent Italian city a night to remember. Italy is, after all is said and done, a unique country where the dress prowess of men has acted as a calling card since Renaissance times.

Watch the fantastic video of the party HERE!

Or click HERE to see more photos of the evening!


Samuel Guerrier photo shoot of Night Sky Junkie

The Sue Clowes label has become a platform for creative collaborations. The pooling of inventiveness generates culturally diverse crossing points of ideas that endeavor to recontextualize fashion and beauty. Samuel Guerrier a Parisian photographer has taken the Sue Clowes winter 2013 Night Sky Junkie collection and breathed into it his unique sensitivity for light and beauty. French actress Elisa Sergent and Madou relax in the departure lounge before a space mission. A mix between “Night Sky Junkie” and what Samuel calls “Les atomes de l’âme” (atoms of the soul).