- Sue Clowes & Marta Melani -

Sue Clowes was introduced to the world of fashion in 1979. She pioneered the use of religious imagery as an intrinsic part of her prints and was discovered by a shop called The Foundry where Boy George worked as a shop assistant. His group, Culture Club gave her work a stage and her identity was quickly stamped on the international world of fashion. Sue Clowes became one of the new wave of British designers who put London at the forefront of the international fashion scene in the 1980′s. Sue Clowes together with her daughter Marta Melani re-launched the brand in 2012, which intends to become more popular than ever. There is a storied history to her silk screened printed clothes which will be identifiable in the new collections. The company does not intend to lose the Sue Clowes touch and strives to find the right balance between respecting her unique textile printing legacy and reaching a new generation.

The original Sue Clowes outfits from the Culture Club years were on show in the Victoria & Albert Museum “Club to Catwalk” exhibition from July 2013 until February 2014.



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 Illustration by Catherine Denvir