Infinity SCARF

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Night Sky Junkie a/w 2014

The Sue Clowes love of the surreal and ironic is exemplified for the 2014 trend. A star explodes in a mid-winter night and an ocean of blackness is floodlit above. A dazzling assemblage of titanic pineapples, astronaut’s torsos, fringed table lamps and goldfish bowls are illuminated as they spin leisurely around their own axis. A moment of wonder before a velvet blanket of black rolls over the fresco and the night sky returns, twinkling its stars – just killing time.

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Product Description

The scarf is 330 cm long x 75 cm wide and is a celebration of the Night Sky Junkie collection. An astronaut’s helmet, fringed table lamps, pineapples, goldfish and a “super” world adorn this urban fresco that softly wraps over and over itself around your neck. The entire design panel is framed in electric blue. The scarf is 100% soft cotton with a cosy feel of wool. The unusual print matches the pullovers giving the Night Sky Junkie collection an original and alternative look.

CARE: Wash by hand in cold water. Dry naturally, not in tumble dryer. Can be dry cleaned, use warm iron.

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