I'm On Dream Show

He sat down on the edge of my poolside lounger and with the easy manner of an athlete reached across and carefully took the martini cocktail from my hand. He stared directly into my eyes as he tinkled the ice cubes in the glass. “I’m on dream” he whispered and turned away resting his eyes somewhere in the distance between the desert and the mountains. His profile was a silhouette of beauty- Leopard beauty. I missed a heartbeat and a thrill pulse shot through me. The ice cubes melted. He threw back the martini, stood up and took a few steps to the crazy paving edged pool.
He looked back, a smile playing on the edge of his dried lips “I’m on dream” he repeated then dived effortlessly through the pristine blue water fracturing the white star bursts glinting on the surface.
I got to my feet my heart thumping in my chest, drunk on the apparition of magnificence seized from my eyes. I stared down into the turquoise magic searching for his shadow below. “Me too.” I whispered “Me too.” and dived in knowing that this dangerous temptation was going to stretch all the way to the sunset. Get summer. Get dreamtime.

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