Elena Polvani – Make-Up Artist

“I truly believe in beauty. The colors that are inside the person , not just the visible ones , but the interior ones we don’t see . To show these colours on the exterior you need to grasp the essence of the person through their character and then make them visible, tangible, like on a canvas. The human body lends itself to multiple expressions of thoughts from inside the individual which allows us to communicate in a more direct way of who we are, what we want, and what we expect in life. Communication is the key that allows us to co-exist with others but is sometimes underestimated. Our image says a lot about our intentions. For this reason we deserve to be at ease with ourselves and our real self is revealed through our eyes- the interlocutor of our beauty.”

Elena Polvani graduated in Fashion Design and Culture at the University of Florence. She has since collaborated with photographers and filmakers producing fashionable weddings including Cristiano Brizzi Photography and S-Bros Video. Elena did an internship with the company called MD Florentine Theatre of Elena Mannini and also Italo Dall’Orto. This is when she fell in love with the theatrical milieu and began as a make-up artsit at the Arena of Verona during the Opera season 2013. Elena currently lives in Milan, where she is specializing in theatrical makeup and wigs at the Academy of the Teatro Alla Scala.

Elena Polvani was Sue and Marta’s make-up artist for Alphabet Milano night (see photos)