Carnaby Call Out

Lucy Harrison works on interactive cultural projects and her latest “Carnaby Echoes” is based around the Carnaby Street area of London. She is making a series of short films and audio recordings based on a series of buildings that have musical histories: nightclubs, shops, magazines and record companies. All the films and interviews will be on a website which will allow people to access them either at home or in the streets themselves. The project will be an archive of Carnaby street and the surrounding back lanes embracing its glorious past. Together with artist and film maker Richard Bevan they are going back into the shops and the remembering the music, fashion traffic and cults of that time.

This half a mile square was at one time a hive of musicians, designers, tailors, bars, shops and newspapers including The Face magazine, NME, The Foundry and Street Theatre. Its music history stretches right back to the early 20th century when Murray’s Club opened in Beak Street and early jazz clubs of the 1930s were in the basements all along Kingly Street. In the 1960s Duke Vin and Count Suckle played at the Roaring Twenties on Carnaby Street and have been credited with bringing ska reggae to the UK. The connections between music and fashion, in places like The Foundry and Street Theatre are also clear, and Lucy’s project will be bringing all this amazing history to life.

Lucy is constantly researching for memories, any forgotten hangouts or shops. Do you have any “Carnaby moments” from this period that you can share with Lucy to make this project an living archive? No matter how small the memory you have, get in touch, Lucy is collecting all kinds of different anecdotes.

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Street Theatre is now a French restaurant called Antidote.

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