Catherine Denvir – Illustrator

Before paint touches canvas Catherine Denvir’s paintings have already had a digital journey through various processes from 3d modeling, rendering and animation to photo manipulation and digital painting. We love the fluidity of her working in this method, allowing her to return to earlier often fresher stages of a work, to chop change and edit.
Fashion has always been an influence on my work as it has on some of the painters whose work I admire, Goya’s Duchess of Alba with her white frock slashed with a broad red sash, Pietro Longhi’s mysterious black masks and palest pink skirts, John Singer Sargent’s Madame X’s sensual black velvet sheath gown and Edith Sitwell’s red coat dress in the wonderful family portrait of the Sitwells. The painters have careful considered the wardrobes of their sitters and as I work on my figures I do wonder and enjoy wondering what they should wear.