Diego Dada – Film director & Photographer

Immediately after graduating from school of Art, Diego Pecori followed his career into graphics and video. In 2007 he began to work with the production company “Bonnie and Clyde Production“, in which he participated in the making of a medium-length film called “Pink Forever” by David Scovazzo, in the video “It’s okay” No of Conventional Sound, as assistant to recovery.

Since 2008 Diego has become a self-taught director and made his first short film, called “Close your eyes and look at me“.  This short film was successful and introduced him into the underground world of film. Since 2008 Diego has shot music videos of various local bands such as Reeds and Bomb Libera Tutti, Carpeting, Gagarin, Piet Mondrian, Sanislao Moulinsky, Creep, Sushi Rain, Serial 79, and many more.

Since 2011, as  he has collaborated with  “Ttitivillus” and “Little Prince“, that specialize in animation. He then made his first cartoon called “Cantarella” for which he won first prize at the 9th edition of  “ZONE VIDEO” and “Pectoranum movies festival“.
Some photos from Sue Clowes catalogue are from Diego Dada and Melania Ferrali.