Dining Out in Kentish Town

Everyone I knew in 1980 seemed to play in a band or were forming one. Dave Henderson later to become managing director of Kerrang was just a slip of a lad with an insatiable enthusiasm for music outside the mainstream. He started a record label called Dining Out which he masterminded from a basement flat in Kentish Town London. When his bands were not hanging out in Honky Tonk records on Kentish town road they were behind the shop in a shed which had been soundproofed with carpets and egg boxes. If they were not there they were round the flat raiding the fridge! There were The Mysterons, 23 Skidoo, Disco Zombies, The Addicts, The Insex and the occasional Swinging Laurel down from Leicester. Each one got raked in at some point or other to help me iron t-shirts. There was always music blaring and you risked immediate death if you even breathed during The John Peel Show.
 Dave printed the record sleeves for his various group’s releases so we shared a light box for exposing photo emulsion onto our screens frames. The light box was made of planks of wood hammered around a 1 yard square of chipboard with a sheet of glass on the top. An army of 150 watt light bulbs stood upright in their sockets inside the box screwed to the chipboard. Wires and tape duct wove ingeniously around the sockets and exited out of one corner into an electric socket. When switched on it had the look of the machine Dr. Frankenstein might have built to bring life to the dead, missing only sparks running up a Tesla coil. London seemed smaller. It was as if we were all making it up as we went along, living in the here and now. The best song ever for all night silk screen printing sessions was by The Members – Solitary Confinement
 Tom Dixon the infamous self-taughtdesigner-maker in early 1980s plays base on the first and only Occult Chemistry record available on Dining Out tracks. All available on the Cherry red label.
From Sue Clowes bio.