Giddy Gavin – musician, photographer, video maker

Giddy Gavin studied photography, electronic music and video production in the North West of England and still continues to produce work in all three media.
He is also a New Wave/Post-Punk/Synthpop DJ and occasional performance artist, based in East London. His music is released under the name LOGAN 5

Giddy has always had a passion for architecture and has photographed many iconic buildings over the years, but he has always tried to find a new angle or viewpoint. Many of the images end up looking quite abstract and have more in common with graphic design than traditional photography.

Any tweaking is done using generic software on his PC – not Photoshop, usually just contrast, highlights and colour saturation, which he uses in combination to try and achieve what he calls a “Hyper-real” look to his work.
This is his favorite photo from the show of  The Barbican in London. The images in this exhibition are all printed on metallic paper which further enhances the 3D-effect and “otherworldly” aspects of his style.

Exhibition: 10th – 31st January

Private view: 10th January 7:30-9:30pm

@ Muxima, 111-121 Fairfield Road, E3 2QR Bow London

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