‘In The Arms of Morpheus’ 1984 Collection

In the arms of Morpheus was an antithesis to my summer 1984 Olympics collection. It had an anti-sportswear theme of daytime pajamas, burgundy slipper satin smoking jackets, black chenille coats (styled like dressing gowns with tasseled cord belts) and flannelette nightshirts. The print was my interpretation of the traditional paisley in peppermint green, mauve and pink. I’ve always had problems with nightmares and I wanted to interpret this sentiment by taking a paisley that looked from a distance like decorative classic design but when you pulled focus inside the swirls were hidden menacing florals, slugs and fangs and not the traditional classic motif as you would expect. Also, I like to give my collections a name with a meaning, so I chose this name Morpheus, the God of dreams and sleep who appears in the Ovid’s mythological Metamorphoses.

Iain R. Webb styled a page in Blitz magazine and called the collection: “Soft and sleepy daytime nightwear for deranged dreamers!” Susanne Bartsch staged a show called New London, New York and invited British designers to participate. The show was held at The Limelight a renovated church on W. 20th St  the liveliest hot spot in Manhattan in 1984. “This winter Susanne Bartsch is representing almost twenty collections in the U.S.A. among them Rachel Auburn, Sue Clowes, Leigh Bowery, Elmaz Huseyin and Annie Lapaz. She plans to transfer the show to Los Angeles and Japan and move to west Broadway”. Vogue September 1984 Caroline Kellet

Tony Hadley wore one of the cream smoking jackets in the Spandau Ballet video called Round and Round. Take a look on the Youtube video. Tony now hosts a radio show called Absolute 80’s www.absoluteradio.co.uk/

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