Danilo Monzillo – Makeup artist & Founder of The Blitz Kids website

If a fashion journalist, stylist or museum curator were searching information on the New Romantic era of the 1980’s they only need to key in www.theblitzkids.com on their computer. They will immediately be teleported into a time of dramatic overdressing and a cross section of British youth cults.  Danilo Monzilo, Brazilian born professional makeup artist is responsible for creating an online museum archive and must have dedicated hours hunting down photographs, magazine cuttings and music play lists from the 1980’s like a Latin Sherlock homes. Danilo himself remains a mystery man. You have to do a search within The Blitz kids site to find any information on the by now 1980’s club and fashion connoisseur. He finds us some time to talk about his unstoppable enthusiasm behind The Blitz Kids site which I’m sure the fans will appreciate.

Danilo, where were you born and where do you live?
I was born in São Paulo, Brazil in 1970 and still live here.

How did you begin as a makeup artist?
I think I started by just being curious. I loved to do experiments on friends. The Boy George’s early looks inspired me and big names like Richard Sharah, who was always my favorite.
I started working officially with makeup in 1996, but have worked in the area as a photographer’s assistant and set designer. Then everything fell into place. I remember once I worked with a Brazilian make-up artist named Touché (R.I.P.) and he was fantastic. That was an important day for me in my decision to become a make-up artist.
Nowadays I work more in the area of advertising, which is not very exciting, but I’m very happy with my profession.

Tell us about your life and hobbies.
My life was busier in the 80s and 90s. I worked as a bartender at nightclubs and was more active in the nightlife scene.
Today I am more homely. I dedicate myself more to friends, lovers and my dog. Oh..and I also I volunteer in an NGO for abandoned animals.

How did you become interested in the 80’s period?
Like many teenagers in the 80s, in 1983 I became a ‘hard core’ Boy George fan. It was through him that I discovered other fantastic characters of the era like Marilyn, Steve Strange and the whole scene.
I love researching and finding things, so every name mentioned somewhere already is a clue to other discoveries. But I still have much to learn.

Where do you find such amazing documentation?
I’ve always been obsessed with books and magazines. When I started collecting items on the Blitz scene I began researching the more important magazines like The Face, ID and Blitz. Later I discovered other more obscure publications like Viz, ZG, New Sounds New Styles and Kicks.
Then Tatler magazine had a monthly column about the New Romantics written by Ted Polhemus. Also I receive a lot of interesting archives sent by legitimate Blitz Kids like Tasty Tim, Mike Nicholls, David Cabaret, Mick Hurd, Duggie Fields among many others.  Not forgetting all the great help from Gazelle and Nicky London, from the NYC scene who have been marvelous.

What is your favorite record from that era?
Hard to name just one but it would have to be:

Kraftwerk – Trans-Europe Express – 1977
Japan – Adolescent Sex – 1978
Soft Cell – Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret – 1981
Duran Duran – 1981
Dead or Alive – Sophisticated Boom Boom – 1984

Thank you Danilo.