Jon (Mole) Baker 1980

AXIOM: The Great Gear Market, The Kings Road, Chelsea, London.

PRINT FOR AXIOM called Basic Statement.

Chrome yellow and black on cotton drill. Zippered work wear with plastic rain coat

Photos by James Merrell.

In 1979 Camden Lock market was fraction of the size it is today.  There were antique stalls in a long shed on one side where Chrystal decanters and Sheffield silver dinner services were sold by dealers in camel coloured Crombies and dogtooth flat caps. Then there was an open yard area with a modest network of stalls that attracted all kinds of fashion traffic that came to hunt down unusual clothing items and accessories. It was almost a religion on a Sunday. Most of the really early birds hadn’t actually gone to bed but had been at the Scala Cinema Club on Tottenham Street where there was an all night bill of gore horror and B Movies. You could recognize them as they wandered around wide eyed a polystyrene cup of coffee in one hand enjoying the busy atmosphere – not really knowing where they actually were.

From Camden Lock Market I started selling to a shop called Axiom in The Great Gear Market on The King’s Road. Axiom was owned by a tall, courteous, good looking chap who I only knew as Mole. He’d mysteriously arrive at the end of the day dressed in black leather and surrounded by an entourage. He’d point and say:

                “I’ll take that,that,that,that,that…and… that.”

He’d sometimes buy a whole week’s work from me. When I visited his shop in the Great Gear Market all my garments were on display. It was a real thrill. With my sales to Axiom I bought an old 50’s Volkswagen Beetle so I no longer had to drag my stuff on the bus to the market in the inevitable British winter’s rain. Jon (Mole) Baker’s love for fashion and popular culture unsurprisingly led him to be president of Island Jamaica Records. He takes chances on investing in and encouraging creative people to pursue their careers so he truly deserves his own huge success with Geejam recording Studios in Jamaica.

Check-out The Jolly Boys version of Rehab on Youtube, click here to listen to the song.

GeeJam’s Jon Baker with DJ Chris Sullivan by Entertainment News & Views from Jamaica