Mikey Bean’s Ink

I got my first tattoo in 1987, hand-done by my girlfriend at the time, using a bottle of Indian Ink and a sewing needle with cotton thread wrapped around it. It hurt like hell and at the time looked like it filled my whole leg…when in reality it was a one centimetre tall cross!

In the last 10 years I started getting a lot more serious ink done and now view my tattoos as an ever growing collage of images that, although have several different sources, mainly seem to follow a semi-religious running theme. A large portion of my upper-body ink is based around artwork from flyers and album covers for bands that I listen to on the Los Angeles punk/goth scene, a genre that I am putting a nearly complete book together on.
Sue’s cross/roses image seemed an obvious decision for my leg piece as it continued the theme, and the collage of images taken from her other collections a logical continuation for the lower leg. Unfortunately time and money have caused me to not have this all completed yet but I plan to incorporate some of the Hobo-stripe, a daisy and possibly the Flesh And Steel dove into the collage.  My tattooist Joanne, at Studio 13 in Southampton, enjoys Sue’s images as she is allowed to colour outside the lines for once!!
I’ve only ever regretted one particular tattoo, which I later had covered over to alter it, otherwise it’s an ever growing, unfinished work-in-progress!

My fave track from the 80s would have to be Propaganda’s Duel 12
My fave album Nunsexmonkrock by Nina Hagen