‘Night Sky Junkie’ Winter Collection

Photo with Italian musician Lorenzo Ruggieri modeling for the Sue Clowes Night Sky Junkie collection. If you love the night sky then you’ll love the Sue Clowes love of the surreal and ironic in the 2014 winter collection. “A star explodes in a mid-winter night and an ocean of blackness is floodlit above. A dazzling assemblage of titanic pineapples, astronaut’s torsos, fringed table lamps and goldfish bowls are illuminated as they spin leisurely around their own axis. A moment of wonder before a velvet blanket of black rolls over the fresco and the night sky returns, twinkling its stars – just killing time.” Night Sky Junkie These soft and cosy pullovers are in two designs: The first is called Multi Universe and has the Clowes signature rose highlighted in electric blue within a two-dimensional diorama of an illusional multi-universe. The collage of an astronaut’s helmet circled by infinity wheels is positioned on a background of boardroom pinstripes in textured grey scale. The sleeves have a contrasting fish scale repeat of check tweed and goldfish bowls. A vibrant back panel of electric blue matches the rose on the front panel. The second is called Mirror World. Identical fringed table lamps – existing in a parallel universe – hover in front of a Nordic folkloric red knit printed pattern. The Sue Clowes style of design is characterized with image disjunctions and a play between flatness and depth. The pullover has square printed patch pockets. The sleeves and the bottom half of the pullover is printed in men’s boardroom pinstripes with a back panel of Pentecost red. The scarf is called Infinity The scarf is 330 cm long x 75 cm wide and is a celebration of the Night Sky Junkie collection. A Junkie Skufia cap totally crowns the Night Sky Junkie look.