Oggy Yordanov – Photographer & Film maker

Oggy Yordanov was born in Bulgaria. At the age of 14 he started assisting his father at his film production company. Now in his thirties Oggy has developed his own style of fashion film making. In his recent short he breaks up stark black and white images of two male models into multiple reflections and mirrored stills which ultimately demonstrates his technical talent and brands his style. The music Extro by Igorrr also fits perfectly with the film.

Oggy finds us some time from his Hoxton Studio to talk about his work and his book “New Club Kids”, in which he documents the revival of the club-kid phenomenon over the past decade in London.

Oggy, where were you born and where do you live?

I was born in Varna, a beautiful sunny coastal town in Bulgaria and as soon as I graduated uni I moved to London in pursuit of my photography career and a bigger party scene as those were my party days. Then as I was going from one crazy party to another, I was always carrying my camera with me and I photographed every mad party kid in town and after a decade my book came out, documenting this unique Club-Kid revival that defined the London clubscene in the noughties.

How did you become interested in making films?

I initially started as a cameraman and editor at my father’s production company back in Bulgaria and though I was very focused on photography in the past decade, I always knew that the moving image will be back in my life and the last two years have been dedicated to producing many a fashion film for the publications I work with.

Tell us about the Norris twin’s film?

It’s a monochrome video portrait of Jon and Mark Norris. We used many geometrical shapes in the post production, which are my current obsession, but I also wanted a very simple, clean, minimalist look, which I think was achieved and I’m pleased with it.

Tell us about your life and hobbies.

I started as a dancer and rhythm is very important for me. Models find it hard to do my moves, so for fashion film I haven’t been able to incorporate much dance and I can’t wait to shoot a music video where I get to use dance. That’s coming later in the year. Also I am very passionate about art and am working on a fine art project, but more as a hobby since I am yet acknowledged as an artist.

What is your dream project or advertising campaign?

When we talk advertising, I grew up with those epic Levi’s and Diesel ads that were dictating trends and pushed boundaries, so that is something I would want to add to my portfolio.

What is your favorite piece of music?

My music taste is rather varied. There are a few artists though, who really inspire me: Tori Amos, Bonobo, Bjork, Florence and the Machine; but if I have to pick one song to play on repeat for a day, it must be Sweet Dreams (Eurythmics)

Thank you Oggy.


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