Suzy Menkes Sounds Off on the Met Gala

From The Daily Beast link

Suzy Menkes Sounds Off on the Met Gala re: “Chaos to Couture exhibition” at the Metropolitan New York in conversation with Fern Mallis.

The Daily Beast. Article by by Claire Stern May 8, 2013 (READ ARTICLE).

Quotes from conversation inThere’s something morally wrong about having a swimsuit or a dress that costs the same as a cappuccino” she said, refering to Bangladesh’s labour. Menkes expressed her disdain for the fact that the business aspect of the industry often overshadows the fantastical aspects of fashion.

Sue Clowes makes everything in Italy using local manufacturers. No human beings are maltreated!

Suzy Menkes article from 1984 with Sue Clowes running vest.

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